Painted wood panel.

This vinyl sticker print is from an old wooden cupboard door that I found at an antique and flea market in the UK a few years back. It sat around for a while before I decided what to do with it as it was such a lovely faded colour, and had a character of its own without any embellishment. After some thought I decided to keep it fairly plain, so I cleaned and sanded the wood then painted the William Morris inspired design, keeping it simple using just off white paint. A coat of clear matt varnish to protect and it was all done. When I started work on the designs for My Cupboard Love, I looked through some of my older work and thought that this would be perfect, as you get two in one really, a lovely old wood look and the hand painted design. Perfect for giving a kitchen cabinet door a new lease of life. I think it would look good in a bathroom too on both doors of a bathroom sink unit possibly, or even in the panels of a bedroom wardrobe. You decide !!

Each one of our decals is durable, waterproof and made from the finest high quality self-adhesive vinyl. All of our decals are super easy to apply and are perfectly suited for any smooth, clean surface. Every decal comes with easy to follow application instructions that will walk you through each step.

How to re vamp your kitchen

Ever feel a bit fed up with your plain kitchen cabinet doors? Want to inject some new life into those doors without having to spend a fortune on a new kitchen or have the mess of painting them a diffeent colour? Well, My Cupboard Love's stickers are the quick and easy way to brighten those dull doors up and give your kitchen some personality.  Easy to order and apply, just choose your preferred design, measure the surface you want your design to go on, and order. If you don't find the measurements you require in our click down list then just click on Custom and you will be able to put your own measurements in, simple!

Your new sticker will arrive rolled up in a cardboard tube, (and you can order up to three designs if you like to save on p&p as they will all arrive in the one tube) it comes with simple instructions as to how to apply to your desired surface, with no mess, and secure within minutes. Plus it is waterproof so no fears wiping it down to keep it clean in your kitchen, and weatherproof,  for those of you wishing to put one on your outdoor meter box.

So, the easy, no mess, durable way to re vamp your kitchen is just a couple of clicks away.