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Vinyl Decals.

Hand painted designs, for all kinds of cupboards.


The inspiration for My Cupboard Love vinyl decals came when David asked Caroline if she could create a design to improve the appearance of his meter box.


I sat in my office looking at a new ugly white meter box, and decided to ask Caroline Philp, an artist friend in the village to paint it to look like bricks and sort of camouflage it. Well, she set out with a markedly different idea, and you can see her process below.

The finishing touches to her masterpiece produced for an ex-sailor and keen DIY man, had a great reaction on FaceBook with so many people asking where they could buy copies, we decided to investigate providing copies for friends onto vinyl decals.

We have developed an easy way to get the picture of your choice onto your meter box or kitchen cabinet doors and they all come with complete (and simple to understand) instructions for pre-cleaning and application. Once attached, the pictures are weather proof and retain their bright quality until you are ready to buy the next one!

So now, we have a selection (getting bigger all the time!) of designs available to suit most meter box doors used in the UK,  kitchen cabinet doors,  and any other cupboard doors. We are also able to modify some aspects to suit anyone wanting a bespoke or personalised version at sensible cost. 

We are always looking for ideas to expand the portfolio so if you would like something bespoke please get in touch .

© Murals and Art by Caroline Philp



The reaction to Caroline's designs has been incredible...

Great idea. I want one and I don’t even have a meter box.
— Simon
They should have a “brilliant!” button on Facebook.
— Jane
Lovely, I want one !!!!!
— Serena
How have I ever managed without one?
— Andrew
caroline small file.jpg

Find the right design for your cupboard.

Examples of our Vinyl Decal Designs on Kitchen Cabinet doors

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